18 Agustus 2013

New Domain Register Apparently in Google Sandbox

On 25 June 2013 I registered a domain with the name mamalovestoshop.com
This domain blogspot.com me get through a search, then try to check the number of backlinks as well as its history.

The results of my examination to the domain if the taking parameter backlinks, it's great. I hope mamalovestoshop.com domain can be used as a blog that provides quality content ..

However, from the date of registration until I publish this post. MamaLovesToShop.com Domain has not been indexed by google.

This incident makes me frustrated because mamalovestoshop.com domain, using blogspot custom domain. Usually use a custom domain will be indexed quickly by google.

Finally I tried to find information through the search engine Google, then I find the term google sandbox.
After looking for information, I found an article about a domain registered on the list of google sandbox. The domain will not be indexed by google.

Then I suspect domain mamalovestoshop.com also in the list of google sandbox. Then I figure out how to check the domain in the list of google sandbox.

I was very surprised when I tried to do the examination through online tools, mamalovestoshop.com turns in the list of google sandbox.

This certainly makes me very sad, because the domain has just been registered on the list of google sandbox.

Currently I need information from blogger friends and webmasters. How do I get out of the domain mamalovestoshop.com list of google sandbox.