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a. Period March 5, 1958 - January 6, 1960

Establishment of Riau Province established by Law Number 19 Year 1957 Emergency. Then enacted in Law No. 61 of 1958. As with any other province in Indonesia, Riau Province for the establishment of time-consuming and long struggle, which is almost 6 years (17 November 1952 s / d March 5, 1958).

In Act I the formation of autonomous regions of West Sumatra, Jambi and Riau, Jo Statute No. 75 of 1957, Level I Riau autonomous region covers an area of ​​the autonomous region level II:

1. Bengkalis
2. Kampar
3. Indragiri
4. Riau Islands, contained in Law no. 12 1956 (L. 1956 State # 25)
5. Kotaparaja Pekanbaru, contained in Law no. No. 8 of 1956. 19

By decree of President dated February 27, 1958 Avg. 258/M/1958 has appointed Mr. S.M. Amin, Governor of Riau Province in KDH did on March 5, 1958 in Tanjungpinang by the Interior Minister who was represented by Mr Secretary General. Sumarman. The inauguration was conducted amid climax PRRI in Central Sumatra, which involve direct Riau region. Thus, the Government of Riau newly formed must devote attention and activities to restore security in its own country.

Along with the PRRI, has led to economic conditions in the newly formed province of Riau increasingly uncertain. To overcome the shortage of food, then taken emergency action, traders are able to be deployed to conduct an extensive food supplies. Thus in a short time the traffic flow of goods needed by the people gradually be restored.

In Riau Mainland newly freed from the influence PRRI, governments in the District began to be disciplined. As in Rengat appointed Regent Tengku Inderagiri Bay, in Bengkalis Abdullah Syafei. In Pekanbaru filial formed the leadership of Governor's Office of the Governor's office brought in Tanjungpinang, the Regent Dt. Abdurrachman assisted by a district officer Wan T. Kamaruzzaman.

Transfer of Capital
Because the situation has begun to secure the area, then by the government (Ministry of Interior) has started difikirkan to establish the capital of Riau province in earnest, because the determination of the provincial capital Tanjungpinang as only temporary. In this case the Minister of Home Affairs has sent wire to Governor of Riau on August 30, 1958 Avg. Sekr. 15/15/6.

For the purpose of responding to the wire in earnest and full consideration that can reasonably be justified, then the Advisory Board asked the Governor to form a special committee. By the Decree of Governor of the Autonomous Region level I Riau No.21/0/3-D/58 dated 22 September 1958 formed the committee of Inquiry Determination Level I Capital of the Autonomous Region of Riau.

This committee has been traveling throughout the Riau to hear the opinions of community leaders, rulers and ruler War Mainland Riau Riau Islands War. From the questionnaire directly held the committee, then Taking statutes, that was chosen as the capital city of Pekanbaru. These revenues are sent directly to the Minister of the Interior. Finally on January 20, 1959 issued by Decree No. Des.52/1/44-25 which sets as the provincial capital Pekanbaru Riau.

To realize the decree, the center established an interdepartmental committee, due to the removal of the capital of Pekanbaru Tanjungpinang concern to all Ministries. As an executive in the region is also a body formed in Pekanbaru, headed by Lieutenant-Colonel Lord of War Riau mainland. Kaharuddin Nasution.

Since it was built Pekanbaru City and for the first stage of preparing the buildings are within a short time to accommodate the transfer of offices and employees from Tanjung Pinang to Pekanbaru. While preparations continue to be implemented simultaneously transfers, changes the structure of local government by Presidential Edict No.6/1959 at once realized.

Mr. Governor. S.M. Replaced by Lt. Col. Amin Nasution, who was sworn Kaharuddin digedung School Pei Ing Pekanbaru dated January 6, 1960. Because the city of Pekanbaru has not had a building representative, then the school building was used for the ceremony Pei Ing.

b. Period January 6, 1960 - November 15, 1966
With the lantiknya Kaharuddin Lieutenant Colonel Nasution as Governor, then the structure of the Provinces of Riau Government itself has also changed. Governor Advisory Board was disbanded and the implementation of the transfer of the capital began. The group's first removal from Pekanbaru Tanjungpinang to begin in early January 1960 and from then on became the capital of Pekanbaru resmilah.

Local government apparatus, in accordance with Presidential Edict No.6 of 1959 started and completed as a first step by the Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs dated 14 April 1960 No. The Administration has inducted PD6/2/12-10 Daily housed in the building Pei Ing Pekanbaru with members consisting of:

1. Wan Ghalib
2. Soeman Hs
3. A. Muin Sadjoko

Members of the Governing Council, Daily was a maid-servant Governor to run the day-to-day administration. At the meeting the Governor, the Administration and Staff Resident Mr. Daily. Sis tjakraningrat, drafted kerje Local Government program, the emphasis on:

1. Restoration of communications traffic for the prosperity of the people.
2. Exploring the sources of regional income
3. Perfecting the apparatus.

The program is carried out consistently so that within a short time until the highway between the border of West Sumatra Pekanbaru ready done. The road is the pride of Riau Province. Financial income areas starting to look real, so the treasury is initially empty at all, began to contain. Budget is done and then no longer an imaginary budget but actually can be met by the resources of its own as an autonomous region.

Besides, on the initiative of Governor Kaharuddin Nasution also cultivated in addition to fund raising local finance unconventional nature. Diperdapat this fund from sources outside the local budgets, and the results used for the construction, including construction of new port and warehouse, building a general meeting (Trikora Building), Building University of Riau, Riau Wisma Grand Mosque, the Student Dormitory Riau to Son and Daughter in Yogyakarta and others.

For the improvement of regional government, drafted DPRD-GR. For that assigned members of BPH Wan Ghalib assisted by Regent Dt. Mangkuto Ameh to hold a hearing with the political parties and mass organizations in preparing the composition. In accordance with that proposed as many as 38 candidates submitted to the minister of the interior Ipik Gandamana.

Efforts to improve local government continue to be improved, besides Governor, on 25 April 1962 was appointed a Deputy Governor of the head area, namely Dt. Wan Abdurrahman who originally served the Mayor of Pekanbaru, the position of Mayor is held by Tengku Bay.

The entry of elements in the Communist National and BPH is caused when the body was already a provision that is not written, that all government officials must be cored "NASAKOM". Presidential Edict No. Later. 6 of 1959 replaced and supplemented by Law No.. 18 of 1965 on Regional Governance subjects. Nasakomisasi applied not through the statutory provisions but the pressures from above.

In line with that set up too well what was called the National Front of Provinces of Riau, which consists of elements of daily leadership Nasakom. The National Front is coordinating all of the potential Parta political parties and mass organizations. By itself the National Front in this fight against an ideology, which, according to the ideals must be united.

Status of the daily leadership of the National Front is an important position, because they control the masses. Hence also the Daily Pimpinanan settles beside the Provincial Governor, who is a member of Panca Tunggal. On the basis of this Nasakomisasi, the communist group has been able to seize a position of strength. Coupled with the pressures of the ruling party, then the role of communists within the National Front was very prominent.

Besides perfecting the apparatus of government, by the Local Government also felt that the wide areas of the existing district and its boundaries are less than perfect, so often leading to stagnation in the smooth running of the wheels of government. Plus the desire of the people of some areas such as Indragiri Hilir, Rokan, Chart Siapi-fire and others who want to serve these areas district. For that purpose, by the Regional Government of Riau Province on December 15, 1962 by SK. No.615 of 1962 on a form the committee.

The work of these pantia make Riau Province 5 (five) pieces of level II regions and one municipality.

1. Pekanbaru Municipality: Mayor KDH Tengku Bay Municipality.
2. Kampar Regency: Regent of KDH R. Subrantas
3. Indragiri Hulu: Regent of KDH. H. Masnoer
4. Indragiri Hilir: KDH Regent Drs. Baharuddin Joseph
5. Kepulauan Riau: Regent of KDH Adnan Kasim
6. Bengkalis: Regent KDH H. Zalik Aris

When the central government broke off diplomatic relations with Malaysia and Singapore, as well as enhanced by a physical confrontation with the decision of the President of the Republic of Indonesia in 1963, the most first-consequently, was to accommodate the consequences of Riau region. This area is directly adjacent to the two neighboring countries and the orientation of its economy for centuries depending on the Malaysia and Singapore as well as a mess.

To deal with situations that disrupt the lives of these people, in a quick meeting, held the Governor and members of the BPH, Catur Tunggal and agencies in charge, had discussed the grave situation and find a way out to overcome the situation. To one member of BPH were assigned to draw up a draft program that covers all areas except the area of ​​land, with the given one night. In a meeting held the next morning that had been developed the concept was received mutatis mutandis.

But the fact pemeritah center of time it can not implement the program as expected, especially the actions necessary to overcome the difficulties faced by the people, such as the delivery of basic materials for these areas Islands and delivery of production people.

In the monetary field is also taken drastic action to eliminate the entry into force of the dollar Singapore / Malaysia in Riau Islands, and replace it with KRRP (Kepualaun Riau Rupiah) which came into force on October 15, 1963. To implement these pengrupiahan Riau Islands, given the task to the Task Force Team II led by Mr. Djuana from Bank Indonesia.

With changes in economic patterns suddenly and thoroughly on its own stagnation. Economy is so erratic. Halt the flow of goods, both outgoing and incoming. Riau area which is essentially a producer of export goods, eventually becoming a drought. Goods produced in the people, especially rubber and can not accumulate in the stream, the goods the people need not enter unless brought by the government itself who enjoy unlimited only in port cities. Policy taken by the government then did not defuse the situation, instead adding kesengsarahan people, especially in economics and security.

To overcome the economic field, in the center formed the Supreme Command of Economic Affairs (Kotoe) led by Deputy Prime Minister I Dr. Subandrio. At the appointed Governor of Riau Kaharuddin Nasution as the maid Kotoe. By Kotoe in point PT. Karkam with monopoly rights to accommodate all the rubber and exporting abroad. This condition is exacerbated people's economy.

In recent years the term of office of Governor Kaharuddin Nasution tensions with the leaders of the people of Riau. In terms of political tensions with community leaders Riau has been running a few years stem from the political personnel. Leaders of the opinion that the Governor Kaharuddin Nasution too much to give key positions to people who are considered not to have good intentions towards the region of Riau. This coupled with the arrest of Deputy Governor of Dt. Wan Abdul Rachman who slandered in the movement to form the state RPI (United Republic of Indonesia), this slander was launched by the CPI. Consequently Dt. Wan Abdurrachman removed from office with pension rights.

Awakening Force 66 in the fight for justice and righteousness in Riau is not a spontaneous movement without conscious. Awakening Force 66 arising from an embryo that hit the historical process of the country. The concept of the Old Order Nasakom cause abuses in all aspects of national life. State institutions are not functioning as provided for in the 1945 Constitution. Penetration into the process Nasakomisasi Pancasila society raises social rifts and shake the system of values ​​that give rise to conflict situations. Plus the longer the confrontation with Malaysia, which causes great suffering for the people of Riau's life between Riau and Malaysia's economy becomes disconnected.

Such suffering, confrontation and chaos continued and the atmosphere is getting hot in Riau. Towards the outbreak of the G 30 S / PKI activity in PKI leaders Riau increased. They boldly directly attack his political opponents. CPI figures Riau Alihami Cs in various forums to use the opportunity to hit his opponents and assert themselves as a revolutionary party. Likewise, the Chinese community that the PRC state berkewargaan activities showed incredible. The night of September 30, 1965 they joined in Baperki together with the Communist Party held a consolidation of Riau and Show of force in the commemoration of Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia, a day ahead of time so the actual warning. Further action; PKI and its mass organizations boycotted the full plenary session of the National Front, which directly led by Riau Governor Kaharuddin Nasution on 30 September 1965. It turns out the activities and movements of the PKI and its mass organizations to seize the government is legitimate. This condition could eventually ends, the struggle of young people not in vain Riau, Riau Old Order regime in history and graduated Colonel Achmad Arifin was appointed as a care taker Governor / KDH Riau on 16 November 1966. From then tertancaplah milestone victory of the New Order in Riau.

With the appointment of Colonel Arifin Achmat as a care taker Governor of Riau Province from the date of October 16, 1966 by decree of the Minister of Interior No. UP/4/43-1506. inauguration by the Minister of Interior Lt. Gen. Basuki Rachmad in a plenary session of the DPR-GR Riau Province on 15 November 1966. Then on February 16, 1967-GR DPRD Riau Province Colonel Arifin Achmad confirmed as Governor of Riau by Decree No. 002/Kpts/67. Then Interior Minister Colonel Arifin Achmad mengesyahkan appointment as Head of Regional Governor of Riau Province for a term of 5 years, with the Decree No. UP/6/1/36-260, dated February 24, 1967. Decree was amended by Presidential Decree No. Repbulik Indonesia: 146/M/1969 dated November 17, 1969.

Until now the Governor of Riau officials already undergone several changes, namely:

1. Mr. S.M. Amin Period 1958 - 1960
2. H. Nasution Kaharuddin Period 1960 - 1966
3. H. Arifin Ahmad Period 1966 - 1978
4. Hr. Subrantas.S Period 1978 - 1980
5. H. Prapto Prayitno (Plt) 1980
6. H. Imam Munandar Period 1980 - 1988
7. H. Baharuddin Joseph (Plt) 1988
8. Atar Sibero (Plt) 1988
9. H. Soeripto Period 1988 - 1998
10. H. Saleh Djasit Period 1998 - 2003
11. H.M. Rusli Zainal Period 2003 - 2008
12. Wan Abu Bakar (Plt) 2008
13. H.M. Rusli Zainal Period 2008 - now

Along with wind berhembusnya reform has provided a drastic change to this country, not least in Riau province alone. One of its manifestations is with the implementation of decentralization that began in carried out on 1 January 2001. This implies the emergence of new regions in Indonesia, from 27 Provinces in the beginning is now the 32 provinces. Riau Province is no exception, commencing July 1, 2004 becoming official Riau Islands Province to 32 in Indonesia, it means the former Riau Province consists of 16 regencies / cities now only into 11 regencies / cities. The districts were: (1) Kuantang Singingi, (2) Inderagiri Hulu, (3) Inderagiri Downstream, (4) Pelalawan, (5) Siak, (6) Kampar, (7) Rokan Hulu, (8) Bengkalis, (9) Rokan Hilir, and the City (10) Pekanbaru, (11) Dumai.

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