4 November 2011

When Floods Submerge Poverty

Flood, one of the ironies of Riau community wrenching poverty amid polemics. The problem is more complicated, because the routine in the rainy season as well as launch the suffering of tens of thousands of human lives in the watershed (watershed) Kampar river, having left Kampar river overflowing and some areas Rokan Hulu flood soaked the first turn. Followed Kuansing and Inhu.

The irony is, we see from the news media. Sovisticated information technology, we usually enjoy from a newspaper photo shows the targeted lewatudara. The atmosphere concerns the lives of some of our brothers. In the midst of life under siege disaster site, they are resigned to wait for reinforcements. Although sometimes, resignation only be paid with (nothing more) pack of instant noodles.

More slice views, reportage about disasters. On the steep hills that turn into a puddle of water overflowing the shoreline of the river, like war refugees, people living in emergency hehunian. Simply survive. This disaster, seems to just want to clarify the actual poverty figures.

Then, claimed to the press as an object of commodities, to get closer to the reality of life. Problems of life invite sympathy at once a question mark. Why?

Feasible, residents of this wealthy country, received the heartbreaking anguish after their rights from the natural grace of forest deprived of life heralds?

"It may be a devotee of hunger and lack of clothing, except for stinginess wealthy Muslims. (Reported by Imam Al-Asbahani)

Ecologists accuse uncontrolled forest destruction in the past two decades, the main culprit in Riau cause flooding. In fact, the natural functioning prop hutandengan tetumbuhannya natural cycles. Holding bulk hujansekaligus anticipation of flooding. That is, catastrophic flooding may tidakakan appear regularly throughout the season, without first destroying the forest.

Thus, uncontrolled forest exploitation (illegal logging) are the most correlative actions cause flooding. Exploitation of large forest-besaranhanya done in order to meet the supply demands of the inevitable. And ituhanya possible to meet the primary needs of industrial raw materials on a large scale.

Upholding the rule of law, in particular illegal logging that does not reflect justice has also put in a position most marginal communities dilemma. Although only a limited buffer for life, they are prohibited megambil wood in the forest "God". Break, containing risisko fatal.

Proof, the prosecution of illegal logging operations teams new menumbalkan matarantai villagers in a vicious cycle (vicious cyrcle) black market timber. After all, rampant looting continued forest. Transportation routes through the region Kebun Durian, Kamparkiri down to the base will make its logs day and night.

There are no restrictions. That is, the exploitation of forests, continued steadily. Last Implications: flooding during the rainy, scattered dust and death of fish cages in the community-owned entities River in the dry season. Rather we are questioning is also feasible, where the forest area in Riau this is not touched? Precisely in huluhutan destroyed, dihilir river overflowed. Pekanbaru is 'free' "forest" flood deposit was received.

Presumably, less wise, if the exploitation of forests for the sake of using human shields to feed thousands of industry employees as well as supplying the guise of foreign exchange, while the expectation of violence is much greater environmental (ecological violent) as a result of fatal and long term. Illustrations are somewhat less logical, if the rice pot to hold 20 thousand industry employees, but millions of people suffer every time, all time.

In fact, if you want to be honest, intense anticipation of flood is the most obvious form of addressing poverty. We need action, not a polemic. Be wise if you try to detect the main source of the problem rather than using the theory of clogging of downstream water. Not simply forward side of the law that often touch base takmampu issue. We offer solutions on two expectations.

First, the government must be consistent. Because the flood is already in dire stage. For that, the anticipation, the good is not limited to residents seeking help when disaster hit. Anticipation may be more epektif, if willing to raise the synergy of all components.

Second, in-depth and honest reporting about floods. This is certainly expected to play supporting the resolution of cases of environmental damage. With the support of scientific data and facts on the ground reportage disaster will contribute to unravel tangles handling cases of illegal logging are the main cause of floods.

In essence, urged the building of opinion with specific topics: the flood is "due" a syndicated action planned, which may terkonspirasi in the interests of owners of industrial and power. Determination of journalists to penetrate the fortress is still considered to this syndication firm. Flood disaster proclamation must be complete and rational.

"Rationality only owned an authentic and personal (Ashadi Siregar: 2006). Of course, it can be reached with the release of power that bind the individual journalist. The performance thus not only need courage, as well as vertical liabilities:

"If a wicked person comes to you with the news carefully truth. That you do not inflict calamity to a people, without knowing the truth. (QS Hujuraat: 6). It is time also to avoid missing (missing link) of natural reportage, which over the years, the main menu of products that are biased journalism. Do not touch the root of the problem.

Because, if we may not have the heart of this disaster continues, soaking the lives of our brothers and bury the dreams of children of this rich land in the countryside. Overlay grief it will continue to adorn the pages tertayang print media and television screen. We read and memirsanya, while enjoying a delicious meal at the dinner table. (Wahyudi El Panggabean)