28 Februari 2013

Program to Modernize Rent Car

In addition to conserving fossil fuels and reducing CO2 emissions through the above strategies, Rental Mobil Pekanbaru is committed to improving the environment by reducing the Company’s dust emissions. Rental Mobil Pekanbaru operations currently exceed the national standards for dust emissions, and the Company is now in the process of further reducing dust emissions to meet the more stringent European standards.

In 2010, Gloria Mandiri initiated a program to modernize its dust filtration tools. All Jasa SEO kilns are equipped with Electrostatic Precipitator (EP) equipments. These equipments use electricty to capture dust particles from the surrounding atmosphere. Although the EP equipments are effective to meet national standards, their use requires considerable attention due to their sensitivity to fluctuations in power supply. To improve the consistency and effectiveness of dust emission reduction, Indocement is therefore proceeding to install Bag House filtration equipments in all of its kilns and mills. The new system, which directly captures dust emissions at source is more effective than the EP equipments and is not affected by power fluctuations. Blogger Pekanbaru installed two bag house equipments for mills at its Citeureup Factory in 2010 and will continue to upgrade all facilities one by one.